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Tejovathi Consulting LLP, a leading management consulting firm, was approached by a UK-based organization during the pandemic to help them create a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) division. The organization, facing numerous challenges in recruitment during the pandemic, needed a cost-effective and efficient solution to manage their recruitment process. Tejovathi Consulting LLP was tasked with designing the structure of the RPO division, finding the right talent, and onboarding clients for the organization.


Data Analytics Company


United Kingdom


Sep ’20 – Apr ’21


Data Analytics & BI

01. –°hallenge

Finding the right talent was critical for the success of the RPO division. The Tejovathi Consulting LLP team utilized their extensive network and experience in the recruitment industry to identify and onboard top-notch recruiters and leaders for the organization. The team also provided training to the new hires to ensure that they were aligned with the organization’s values and processes.

02. Solutions

The Tejovathi Consulting LLP team conducted a thorough analysis of the organization’s recruitment process to understand their requirements and challenges. The team then proposed a comprehensive RPO structure, which included hiring recruiters, team leaders, and account managers. The proposed structure ensured that the organization’s recruitment process was streamlined and efficient, saving them time and resources.

Once the team was in place, the Tejovathi Consulting LLP team worked closely with the organization’s leadership to identify potential clients. The team was able to onboard several clients, including some of the organization’s competitors, which was a significant achievement.

03. Results

Throughout the project, Tejovathi Consulting LLP ensured that communication between their team and the organization’s leadership was clear and transparent. The team provided regular updates on the project’s progress and made sure that the organization’s feedback was incorporated into the RPO structure.

In the end, the organization’s RPO division was a resounding success. They were able to manage their recruitment process efficiently, reduce costs, and improve the quality of hires. Tejovathi Consulting LLP played a crucial role in making this possible by designing the RPO structure, finding the right talent, and onboarding clients for the organization. Their expertise and experience in the recruitment industry proved invaluable to the organization during a challenging time.