Welcome to Tejovathi!

What we do?

Tejovathi Consulting is an online school and an education portal launched with a focus on continuous learning with online courses with an assortment of soft skills and behavioral training on offer. It is packaged to render academic excellence, leverage employability, imbibe work skills and hone leadership.

How are we different?

Our online courses are inimitable, designed for maximum impact using psychology based and psychometric assessments to help learners identify and gain insight on specific dimension(s) of their personality that needs work or skills that they need to develop and hone.

Who do we cater to?

Irrespective of if you are a learner, just graduated from college, an entry level executive, middle level manager or a senior level leader, you will find a host of online courses that suit your needs.

If you are an educational institution or an organization who would like to co-brand our online courses, all you have to do is reach out to us and we will assist you in the process.

What else we do?

Apart from our standard set of online courses, Tejovathi Consulting acts as your learning partner in developing an online education portal tailored specifically for your organizational needs catering to your industry vertical.

Over and above this, we offer HR Consulting services focused mainly on design, development and implementation of Competency based HR systems to help your organization scale better success through human efficiency.

In short, we are a ‘one stop shop’ for learning and HR solutions for individuals and organizations in developing competencies and skills, focusing on human capital, the backbone to the success of any organization.

Call us now on +91 95386 35318 to discuss your human capital needs.