Our Story

In many instances in the past, as HR Professionals, we have experienced challenges to source talented workforce despite the vast population of qualified graduates. There is a lacuna in terms of the quality of these graduates available for employment.  While many of them are technically competent, almost all of them lack the necessary soft skills required to be successful professionally.  It is lack of soft skills that is the reason for qualified graduates not being able to find a job. Surprisingly, this disconnect between educational institutions and  industry exists not just in India but is prevalent across the world and we can say this based on our experiences having worked in India and abroad.

One such story we can share is in the year 2014, as a part of a Talent Acquisition drive to recruit 10 software engineers for the organization Mr. Sridhar Raamalingam was working with.

About 90 profiles were shortlisted and called for an interview through an agency. However, over 300 candidates walked in. Despite the sheer number of walk ins for the interview, only eight positions could be filled in, that too candidates who would have been otherwise a second choice.

Qualified Engineers could not get through the interview process, mostly due to their lack of effective communication, confidence, personality or similar reasons. This is when Mr. Sridhar Raamalingam realised that the majority of the engineers are ‘un-employable’ mainly due to lack of thier soft skills. Over the next few years, as he observed, he discovered that most graduates are ‘un-employable’ due to the lack of soft skills.

With over 6 millions graduates passing out of the Indian educational system every year, close to half of them are ‘un-employable’. Mr. Sridhar Raamalingam decided that a technology based scalable solution is required to facilitate change in these ‘un-employable’ graduates and Tejovathi Consulting was born.

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