What we do

We help you reduce employee resignations, improve employee motivation and create an highly engaged work place to boost your profits by 20%.

Our Solutions

HR Diagnostics

Understand Right!

A research validated analytical tool to understand the strengths and areas of improvement of your HR Strategy, Policies, Processes and Procedures. Our tool helps identify issues that are not immediately evident by assessing over 20 different aspects that have an huge impact on Employee Retention, Motivation, Engagement and Productivity!

Recruitment & Outsourcing!

Hire Right!

We use propreitary tools to help us identify the most suitable candidate for your organization not only in terms of skills and budgets, but also in terms of culture and ethics. Our Consultants have a deep understanding of various industries and their unique requirements. So you can rest assured that you get the best candidate be it temporary or permanent staffing.

Compliance & Payroll

Process Right!

Don't let hefty fines due to non-compliance affect your bottom line and reputation. Outsource your Payroll and Compliances like PF, ESI, TDS, Gratuity etc. Not only do you save on the hefty fines, but you save over 8 days a month of your and your team's time, which can be used by you and your team more productively elsewhere!

Strategic HR

Plan Right!

Is your HR Strategy aligned to achieve your business goals? We help you align your HR Strategy to your business goals and processes to deliver a culture of productivity, excellence and boost your profits by 20%. Our consulting solution covers the entire HR life-cycle including but not limited to Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Talent Management, Performance Management, Learning and Development and Talent Offboarding.

Learning & Development

Skill Right!

Choose from the most exhaustive library of Soft Skills, Beahvioural and Leadership training workshops customized and delivered to your specific needs. Our Learning and Development Solutions not only address the need of businesses, but we have a wide variety of courses for schools and colleges like Study Skills, Career Planning, Campus to Corporate, IELTS/TOEFL English Language courses and Train the Trainers workshops.

HR Technology Consulting

Automate Right!

Need assistance in choosing the best HRMS/HR Technology platform?

Our technology consulting solutions not only assists you in identifying the correct vendors, but also in ascertaining the features that are required. Also, we assist you in negotiating with the vendor and hand-hold you till the implementation and roll-out of the HR Technology solutions.

Why Tejovathi?

Award Winning HR Consulting Services!

Tejovathi Consulting is an award winning full service HR / HRMS / Human Resources Consulting firm offering end-to-end services to our clients across the globe, specially across the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

Delivering ROI

We provide measurable project outcomes, ensuring the return on investment (ROI) is in line with customers’ expectations.

Analytics Driven!

We depend on an analytical approach to identify, understand and address issues and problems, rather than relying only on our expertise. This helps us catch the red flags early; saving costs and time for our clients.

Global Reach! Local Expertise!

We have team members operating out of the US, UK, Middle East, Africa and India, bringing you global best practices but adapted to the local conditions!

Client List!

Awards we have won!

We are grateful to our Clients, our Consultants and all those who have supported us over the years. Without the unflinching support from our clients and consultants, it would not have been possible for us to win these awards

Client Speak!

“I would like to express gratitude on behalf of Akbar Offshore for the prompt and satisfactory service you have given over the past 8 months. In each of our HR functions, we have received excellent service from you. I would be happy to personally give a positive testimonial to your good service and product.”
Mr. Sathesh Kumar
CEO, Akbar Offshore Pvt. Ltd.
"We have been using the services of Tejovathi Consulting LLP, since its inception and have found their services to be afforable, timely and of excellent quality. I am happy to recommend Tejovathi Consulting LLP and wish them the best in their endeavours."

Mr. Rajeev Pandey
Founder, POSTECH Technology, Dubai, UAE
"Tejovathi Consulting LLP is a professional one-stop shop for Small Businesses. I personally like the data driven methodology adopted by them and their ability to put this in perspective to understand the impact on the small business. Professional Team, Professional Service and Value for Money. Way to go, Tejovathi Consulting LLP."
Mr. Arun K Upadhayay
Owner, POS Options, Dubai, UAE

Prevent a sudden implosion!

Talk to our HR Experts and let us help you and your team identify, understand and address those issues that are not visible immediately and help you prevent an  unexpected implosion.