In the year 1995, Mr. Sridhar Raamalingam identified that there was a big disconnect between educational institutions and the business community that they serve. He identified that there were specific skill sets that these graduates lack which renders them “unemployable”. In India, the issue is not of “unemployment” but “unemployable”.

To address this issue he started a training organization offering course that would liaise with educational institutions especially engineering colleges and management institutes so that their students can be equipped with the necessary competencies required by the business community. However, he met with very limited success since this concept was way ahead of the then time by more than a decade.

He took his time to study intricately and in-depth the competencies that these graduates need to have to become employable.

According to the National Employability Study conducted by Aspiring Minds Assessments Pvt. Ltd. In 2014, only 39.84% of Engineers are employable in a non-functional role like business process outsourcing. The figures are much lower at 18.43% if we consider the software services sector and only 3.21% for software products.

As per statistics, around 6 million graduate out of colleges in India and around 50% of them are unemployable. With over 3 million students every year who require support to equip themselves with the necessary competencies, it would be an impossible task to bridge the gap through traditional means, unless effective use of technology is made.

It is to address these issues that Tejovathi Consulting was founded in February 2017 by Mr. Sridhar Raamalingam and Ms. Chetana Sridhar.