People lacking competence – the silent killer. Get your people competence right with Tejovathi and reduce the risk by up to 33%


Did you know that more than half the organizations fail, most of them, in the first year itself?

Did you know that 1 in 3 reasons for organizations to fail is due to lack of competent team?

Avoid your organization from failing due to lack of competent team!

Let Tejovathi handle your competency building!

Imagine a team of Learning and Development veterans across  the US, UK, Gulf and India each with minimum 8 years’ experience in diverse industries; many with professional recognition and certification like SHRM-CP, CIPD, SPHR, etc. handling your competence building from start to finish.  

Think of it, this way, it is like your own Learning and Development team working remotely from our office

Why mLearning™ for your organization?

1. Activity based.

All our training interventions are designed to be activity based – concept delivered through a knowledge transfer session is immediately followed by an activity where participants apply the concepts they have just learnt.

Adults learn more effectively when they actually implement the concepts they learn.

By practicing to implement the concepts learnt in the classroom through activities, the participants are motivated to implement in their real work life.

2. Appropriate use of Psychology based or Psychometric assessments

We make use of psychology based or psychometric assessments as appropriate to enhance the effectiveness of the training programs.

While many tools and techniques are discussed in the training, the psychology based or psychometric assessments help the participants identify the tool or technique that they need to use to become more effective in their professional life.

The use of these assessments assist the participants to focus on the tool or technique that they need to use to become more effective in their professional life.

3. Customized to suit the client's specific requirement

All our trainings are custom built to include activities, situations, case study, work books, etc. are customized to be relevant to the industry that the client operates in.

Before designing a training intervention, we discuss the requirements with the client’s HR / Learning and Development team to ensure only those concepts that are relevant to the client’s situation is included in the training.  The activities, situations, case study, work books, etc. are picked up with the client’s need in mind.

This approach ensures that the participants are able to relate to the concepts discussed in the training program.

Using examples, activities, case studies, situations, etc. from their own industry helps the improve engagement and post-training implementation.

4. Post training support

At Tejovathi we understand that participants will have questions and clarifications once they start implementing the concepts they learn in the training program and may need hand holding in the initial days.

Tejovathi offers email based post-training support to the participants for the initial 30 days from completion of training.

To enhance effectiveness we recommend a follow-up session (offered at additional cost) after two weeks after completion of training.

Post training support ensures that the participants are hand held till they are confident of implementing the concepts on their own at their work place.

Post training support improves engagement and motivation of the participants.

5. International Team. Click here to view our team members.

Our Learning and Development professionals are from across the globe – the US,  UK, Gulf and India. All our Learning and Development professionals come with a minimum of 8 years experience across industries. Many of them come with professional certification like CIPD, SHRM-CP, etc..

The Learning and Development professional assigned to you has the experience and expertise at their disposal to brainstorm and design the most appropriate training to build competence swiftly and effectively.

You get to implement learning and development strategies in your organization that has the distilled essence of best practices followed in hugely successful corporations and organizations across the globe.


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