Partner with us!

As an Individual

If you are a Teacher in a school; or conduct your own private tuition; or someone who can influence children and their parents (may be you conduct an Art School, a Music School, a Tutorial, a Karate School), you may wish to partner with us.

You can choose to work on a commission basis, earning a commission for each person you refer, who enrolls with Tejovathi Consulting.

There is no upfront investment you need to make. You earn commissions for each person who enrolls that is referred by you. That is as simple as it can get!

As a Reseller

If you are a Student, a Home maker, Retired from Service, a Entrepreneur, you can rent a complete eLearning Portal from us at a fixed cost per year.

We offer you the necessary training to manage the portal by yourself. 

You sell the eLearning Courses online and handle all the back end process of enrolling the students, etc.

You invest an fixed amount every year for the maintenance and upkeep of the eLearning Portal Server.

For Educational Institutions and Organizations

You pay a one-time annual rental fee for a complete eLearning Portal from us.

You can then manage the portal by yourself.

You can enroll your students or employees to the portal and monitor their progress through the course.  You have the flexibility to assign only those courses suitable to your learners or make available all the courses.

Based on the plan you choose, we can offer co-branding options as well.

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