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Running a business is a grueling task and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be successful.

However, the one area that you should invest in if you want to succeed is your strategic human resources.

For most founders, Human Resources is an afterthought and strategic HR is rarely discussed and is usually put on the back-burner until a crisis, by when it is too late.

23% of small businesses fail because they don’t have the right team.

The HR Advisor can design and implement processes that help you onboard the most appropriate talent both culture and competence wise.

19% of small businesses fail because they are outcompeted.

The HR advisor can design and develop a Competency framework that will identify competency gaps in your enterprise and set growth goals aligned to your business and breathe fresh life in your business.

Refer the few statistics shared in the colored boxes in this page, about the results of neglecting Human resource issues that harm your business.

Unlike Sales or Finance, wrong HR strategy does not blow up on your face immediately.

Not having a HR strategy or the wrong HR strategy poisons your enterprise bringing it down from within.

Don’t let HR strategy be the Achilles heel in your business!

Startup owners spend around 40% of their working hours on tasks that do not generate income such as hiring, HR tasks and payroll.

Wouldn’t it be more prudent for you to outsource these non-revenue generating HR tasks to a HR Advisor and focus on your core business? 

But, “What about the cost?” you wonder

25.7% of employers find it difficult to find and keep good employees.

The HR advisor can help create a culture of trust and help align individual goals to organizational goals to enhance performance in the business, thus leveraging on business potential.

telivery™ delivers all the services that a HR Advisor would offer your business and more, but does so at 70% less cost than having an in-house resource

Why HR Outsourcing by Tejovathi?

  1. Measurable ROI: We start and finish all our assignments with a research validated and time tested assessment tool that measures the effectiveness of your existing people strategy on a variety of parameters like Leadership, Compensation & Benefits, Work Environment, Growth prospects, social standing, support from superiors and peer, etc. The assessment report will clearly outline the strengths of the existing people strategy and the areas that need attention.  Compare the pre-assessment and post-assessment reports  and you will easily discover the value add that we have brought to your business.
  2. International Team:  You gain the expertise and experience of an international team of HR veterans from the US, UK, UAE and India, each with more than 8 years of experience and many of them certified through CIPD, SHRM or PHR.
  3. No Downtime: You do not need to wait a month or more for your prospective in-house HR advisor to be on boarded.  You do not need to deal with sick leave, absenteeism, annual vacation, maternity leave, etc.
    When you subscribe to telivery™ remote outsourced package, you can certain about our HR Advisors being available to you almost immediately on signing up.
  4. Comprehensive Services: Our services cover the entire gamut of activities starting from Workforce planning up until Off-boarding, covering every aspect of HR that lies in between.
  5. Savings up to 70%: You spend less subscribing for telivery™, than hiring an in-house HR advisor. This savings is calculated only on the salary based on the prevailing post-COVID market compensation and does not include other benefits like mandatory leave, medical leave, medical insurance and other benefits that you are expected to offer to your employees. If you consider the CTC, your savings will be well over 90%.

Services Covered under HR Outsourcing package

Our Consultants will work with your organization on the specific areas given below:

Workforce Planning

  1. Talent Forecasting
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Gap Analysis
  4. Organization Design and Organogram
  5. Talent Plan

Talent Acquisition*

  1. Employer Branding
  2. Develop Job Descriptions
  3. Sourcing
  4. Recruiting
  5. Interviewing
  6. Reference Checking with previous employer, where necessary
  7. Final Selection
  8. Salary Negotiation and Onboarding


  1. Design and Develop Employee Handbook Communication and Networking with candidate till Onboarding
  2. Onboarding Checklist Onboarding Preparation
  3. Welcome Email to Employee with Handbook
  4. Employee Documentation
  5. Employee File Creation and Management
  6. Introduction to Line Manager and Team
  7. Onboarding Training (1 day per quarter as necessary)

Talent Management

  1. Design Policy and Standard Operating Procedures
  2. Design Employee Rewards and Recognition
  3. Design Employee Engagement
  4. Diversity and Inclusion
  5. Redress Employee Grievance
  6. Employee Discipline

Performance Management

  1. Design KPI Based Performance Management System
  2. KPI Based periodic performance review, feedback and action plan
  3. Succession Planning

Learning and Development

  1. Gap Analysis
  2. Individual Development Plan
  3. 1 day training as relevant to the team per quarter. (any additional training at extra cost)


  1. Develop Off-boarding Checklist
  2. Exit Interviews
  3. Design Employee Clearance Checklist
  4. Final Settlement
  5. Archiving Employee File and Documentation
  6. Send Thank you kit to the Employee (Kit to be provided by the client.  Shipping cost if any to be borne by client.)


  1. HR Consultants’ will dedicate up to a maximum of 10 hours each month. Additional hours will be charged at $ 99 (INR 7128) / hour.
  2. Talent Acquisition services is limited to replacement hiring and does not include hiring for new positions. New position hiring will be treated as a separate project.
  3. Reference Checking will be undertaken only with previous employers, if applicable.
  4. Unused service quota for a period (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual, etc.) do not carry over to the next period.
  5. All talent solutions are offered on Remote basis only. Client must have a resource identified in house to liaise with our consultants to implement and follow-up at the client’s end.
  6. Welcome Kit and Thank you Kit, and any other kits or materials, if any must be provided by the client.  If there is a shipping cost involved in sending the kits or materials,  the same will be borne by the client.

Our methodology

Step 1 

The Assessment Team will administer a time tested, research validated  assessment to identify the strengths and areas of improvement in the people strategy. 

To maintain the highest standards of objectivity, the Assessment team is different from the Consulting Team.

This assessment measures the effectiveness of your talent strategy on 20 different parameters like  Autonomy, Leadership, Social Status, Compensation, Working conditions, Creativity, etc.

Step 2 

The assessment will be completed by each employee in your organization.  Each employee can complete this assessment in no more than 20 minutes.

Step 3 

The Assessment Team will submit a detailed report with our findings and solutions and a strategy / plan with actionable items in each area.

Step 4 

Tejovathi will assign a Lead Consultant from our team to liaise with you to work on the actionable items.  The Lead Consultant will start working closely with your Senior Leaders, Managers and Employees to address the areas of improvement identified in the report submitted to you.

Step 5 

Periodically, the assessment team will administer the same assessment administered in Step 1 & 2.  This will help us understand the impact of the strategies put in place and make any necessary corrections to the strategy.

The results of the assessments will give you an objective view on the value add that Tejovathi Consulting has brought to your organization.

Monitoring Progress

Tejovathi has an online project management portal called ‘LeanTime’.

The Assessment Team, Business Development Team, Consulting Team and all our clients will be provided with access to this portal.

The Consulting Team will use the online portal to work on the projects and update the progress on each actionable item.  You as a client can log in at any time to check on the progress made on each actionable item.  Additionally, you can also offer feedback through the portal.

The Business Development Team will login to the portal to monitor the progress on actionable items on your behalf and keep you abreast on the developments, in case you are hard pressed for time.

The Assessment Team will monitor the progress of the projects through the use of this online portal and proactively interact with the consultants to address concerns of the client.

Minimum Duration

To contribute meaningfully, we would need to be engaged closely with your team for at least a period of 12 months and hence you will notice that this package is available to you at an annual investment.


Annual Investment
Remote HR support available internationally
All plans are pre-paid (Pay Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Annual)
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Legal Agreements and Documentation

At Tejovathi, are aware of the confidential nature of our assignment.  As a part of our process, we sign a detailed Non-Disclosure Agreement with each client.

Our employees and associates also sign a detailed Non-Disclosure Agreement as a part of their onboarding process and you can be assured of confidentiality.

You can download and peruse these templates of these agreements by clicking on the buttons below:

What happens after you sign up?

Day 1
Order Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email from us with details of the package you have subscribed for.

In case you haven't received the email, please check your 'Spam / Trash' folders or you can contact us.

Day 2
Mutual NDA and Consulting Agreement

You will receive our Mutual NDA and Consulting Agreement for your perusal.  Please print, sign and seal, scan the signed sealed copy of the contract to us.

Day 3 Day 7 in case of cross-border payments
Payment credited into our banks

You will receive a receipt for payment from us the moment we receive credit of your payment.

In case, we have not received the payment for any reasons, you will receive an email from us about the status of the payment.

Day 6
Signed copy of the Agreements received

Mutual NDA and Consulting Agreement signed.

Day 9
Start of Assessment

An onboarding meeting with the Assessment team to understand the priorities and objectives of the business. The Assessment Team will then start the assessment process.

Day 20
Assessment results

The Assessment Team publishes the Assessment Report and assigns the Lead Consultant.  

Aligned to the beginning of the next month
Consulting assignment starts

Consulting assignment starts from the 1st of the succeeding month from the time assessment report is published and Lead Consultant is assigned. 

Don’t let HIDDEN problems continue to poison and bring down your business from within. Book a 30 minute FREE consultation and get a FREE assessment* or Contact us with your requirements!.

* – You pay $ 299 for the assessment report and before you subscribe for our telivery™ package you will be given a coupon code which you need to enter while subscribing for the package. You will receive a discount of $ 299 from the subscription package fee for the amount you have already paid.

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