Sridhar Raamalingam

Founder & CEO

Sridhar Raamalingam brings with him over three decades of experience in HR, Learning and Development and Technology in India and UAE.  He has won the ‘Best Employee’ award twice in his long career. 

Deeply interested in Yoga and Hinduism, he has authored a book on esoteric yoga and how it can be used practically.

Quiet, Super Polite, Curious and always ready to learn.

Chetana Sridhar

Co-Founder & COO

Chetana Sridhar is our HR and Learning and Development expert with over two decades of experience in HR and Learning and Development in India and UAE.  She has won the ‘Best Employee‘ award twice and has conducted workshops for a wide variety of audience in prestigious organizations like Toyota, Volvo, Mico Bosch, Siemens, GPCA, Lulu Group, Emirates NBD, Airtel, HP, Cognizant, etc.

Deeply interested in spirituality, she places a lot of importance on ethics and principles.

Vivacious, Straight to the point, Curious and always ready to learn.

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