Student life sets the tone for achievements in later life. As students there are mainly two concerns:

  1. How to improve academic performance?
  2. How to establish a strong foundation of attitude for a successful and fulfilling life?

Research has been conducted across the globe to discover the differences between academically successful students and academically weak students. All else being the same, the research has identified specific behaviors associated with students with high academic performance. It was also discovered that when students whose academic performance was average, adopted the behavior of successful students, there was a marked improvement in academic scores.

The Establish series of eLearning modules offer the insights from these research as a self-paced eLearning module so that students can improve their academic scores.

While a strong academic performance can boost the confidence of students, to succeed in life at large they need additional competencies which support academic and extra-curricular achievements. The Establish series of eLearning modules are specially designed for students in their mid-teens to build a strong personality so that a foundation is laid for a bright future.

The Establish series of eLearning modules, in addition to the Essentials series of eLearning modules, also consist of the following courses:

  1. Ace your Academics
  2. Achieve your Goals

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