The success of any organization depends largely on a happy and productive team. A team which is engaged and energized can be the big difference between success and failure of an organization. Therefore, it is critical that you invest in the largest and most important asset in your organization – your team.

Tejovathi Consulting provides a wide variety of HR consulting services for small and medium sized companies.

You will notice that our qualified and experienced HR consultants can respond to all your human resource needs resulting in more effectiveness as time, energy and resources are conserved.

We customize our solutions based on individual client needs and design our solutions to deliver efficiency and strategic advantage by improving HR management in your organization.

Our approach is flexible. You can chose individual solutions or integrated bundles based on the expertise that you need, as and when required.

Some of the consulting services offered by us are:

  1. HR Department Set-Up/Operations
  2. Job Analysis/Job Descriptions
  3. Compensation Analysis/Strategy
  4. Use of Psychometric tools
  5. Employee Benefits and Welfare
  6. Employee Surveys
  7. HR Policy/Procedure Review
  8. Pre-Employment Screening
  9. Recruitment Process Support
  10. Employee Orientation/On-Boarding
  11. Employee Handbooks/Policies
  12. Employee Relations and Engagement
  13. Performance Management
  14. Balanced Scorecard
    360 degree Feedback
  15. Competency Development
  16. Learning & Development
  17. Exit Interview Programs
  18. Disciplinary Issues

Don’t find what you need in the list above? In all likelihood our consultants in Tejovathi Consulting will be to assist almost all your HR and Training needs.

Call us today and we can discuss how Tejovathi Consulting can assist you with your HR and Training needs.