You are one of the Leaders in your organization. You discover that your team is unable to keep pace with you. You wish you could inspire them to keep pace with you.

As you progress in your career, you need a deeper understanding of human nature and how to inspire your team.

The Enrich series of eLearning modules are designed to help you enrich the lives of your team thereby assisting them to keep pace with you.

The Enrich series of eLearning modules consist of all the courses in Empower and Excel series and the following additional courses:

  1. Business Presentation Skills
  2. Achieve your Goals
  3. Effective Business Writing
  4. Communicate Like a Pro
  5. Assertive Skills
  6. Resolving and Managing Conflict
  7. Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  8. Effective Negotiation Skills
  9. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  10. Interview Skills
  11. Inspiring and motivating others
  12. Stress Management
  13. Team Building
  14. Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
  15. Innovation and Creative Thinking
  16. Networking Skills
  17. Managing Resources
  18. Leadership Development Skills
  19. Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  20. Delegation Skills
  21. Emotional Intelligence
  22. Global Cultural Sensitivity
  23. Change Management
  24. Resolving People Problems

Apart from the modules above, we can develop bespoke eLearning modules to cater to the specific needs of your organization.

Call us now to discuss your needs with us.