You are fortunate to have found a job.  However, you are stagnating and are overlooked for promotions.  Ever wondered why?

Businesses look for not only technical skills but many “soft skills” like communication, personality, interpersonal skills, etc.

Are you equipped with the necessary “soft skills” to be a performer in your job?

The Embark brand of e-learning module is designed to help you develop the soft skills required to progress in your career.

The Embark series of eLearning modules, in addition to all the eLearning modules in Essentials series, consist of the following courses:

  1. Excellence in Customer Service
  2. Achieve your Goals
  3. Effective Business Writing
  4. Communicate Like a Pro
  5. Business Presentation Skills
  6. Achieve Work-Life Balance
  7. Work Ethics
  8. Art of Receiving Feedback
  9. Cultural Sensitivity

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