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Case Study - Recruitment


Tejovathi Consulting recently completed a successful recruitment project for an Oman based IT company. The client was looking for a Senior .NET Developer for their office located in a small town. The company wanted to fill the position quickly and efficiently, while still finding the right candidate for the job. Tejovathi Consulting quickly got to work on the project, leveraging its extensive network of contacts and database of qualified candidates. Within just a few days, the team was able to line up around 8 candidates who fit the job description and had the right level of experience and skills for the role. The Tejovathi Consulting team then proceeded to interview each of the candidates, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluating their fit with the client's culture and work environment. With the client's feedback, they narrowed down the candidates to the most suitable ones, and presented their resumes to the client. After a few rounds of interviews, the client selected one candidate who was an ideal fit for the role. The candidate had a strong technical background in .NET development, as well as experience working in a similar role in a small town environment. The client was pleased with the candidate's skillset, work ethic, and overall demeanor, and made an offer which was accepted. The candidate was hired and started working for the client soon after. They quickly became an integral part of the client's team, and were instrumental in developing several successful projects for the company. The candidate has been with the organization for over 3 years now and has been contributing to the company's growth and success consistently. Overall, Tejovathi Consulting was able to successfully close the position within just 7 days, providing the client with a high-quality candidate who has remained a valuable asset to their organization. The client was thrilled with the outcome of the recruitment project and expressed satisfaction with Tejovathi Consulting's professionalism, speed, and expertise.

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“I would like to express gratitude on behalf of Akbar Offshore for the prompt and satisfactory service you have given over the past 8 months. In each of our HR functions, we have received excellent service from you. I would be happy to personally give a positive testimonial to your good service and product.”
Mr. Sathesh Kumar
CEO, Akbar Offshore Pvt. Ltd.
"We have been using the services of Tejovathi Consulting LLP, since its inception and have found their services to be afforable, timely and of excellent quality. I am happy to recommend Tejovathi Consulting LLP and wish them the best in their endeavours."

Mr. Rajeev Pandey
Founder, POSTECH Technology, Dubai, UAE
"Tejovathi Consulting LLP is a professional one-stop shop for Small Businesses. I personally like the data driven methodology adopted by them and their ability to put this in perspective to understand the impact on the small business. Professional Team, Professional Service and Value for Money. Way to go, Tejovathi Consulting LLP."
Mr. Arun K Upadhayay
Owner, POS Options, Dubai, UAE

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