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Case Study - Developing JDs

Developing Job Descriptions

Tejovathi Consulting recently completed a project for one of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, which involved developing 200 job descriptions. The client had a rudimentary job description available, but they wanted Tejovathi Consulting to create new job descriptions based on international standards and integrate them with the existing descriptions. To accomplish this, Tejovathi Consulting developed a standardized template based on the HAYS job description template. The team researched job descriptions from other similar organizations to ensure that the descriptions they created were up-to-date and met international standards. The project was not without its challenges, but Tejovathi Consulting was able to complete the project successfully with 45 days before schedule. The team worked closely with the client to ensure that the job descriptions met their needs and provided them with a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each position. The new job descriptions developed by Tejovathi Consulting were well-received by the client, who praised the team for their professionalism and attention to detail. The client was particularly pleased with the level of research that went into the project, which helped ensure that the job descriptions were comprehensive and accurate. Tejovathi Consulting's ability to deliver high-quality work within a tight timeline was a testament to their expertise in job description development. The team's commitment to understanding the client's needs and delivering a solution that exceeded their expectations is a hallmark of their approach to client service. Overall, the success of this project demonstrates Tejovathi Consulting's ability to deliver on complex projects for large organizations in a timely and efficient manner. Their commitment to providing high-quality solutions that meet their clients' needs is what sets them apart in the consulting industry.

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“I would like to express gratitude on behalf of Akbar Offshore for the prompt and satisfactory service you have given over the past 8 months. In each of our HR functions, we have received excellent service from you. I would be happy to personally give a positive testimonial to your good service and product.”
Mr. Sathesh Kumar
CEO, Akbar Offshore Pvt. Ltd.
"We have been using the services of Tejovathi Consulting LLP, since its inception and have found their services to be afforable, timely and of excellent quality. I am happy to recommend Tejovathi Consulting LLP and wish them the best in their endeavours."

Mr. Rajeev Pandey
Founder, POSTECH Technology, Dubai, UAE
"Tejovathi Consulting LLP is a professional one-stop shop for Small Businesses. I personally like the data driven methodology adopted by them and their ability to put this in perspective to understand the impact on the small business. Professional Team, Professional Service and Value for Money. Way to go, Tejovathi Consulting LLP."
Mr. Arun K Upadhayay
Owner, POS Options, Dubai, UAE

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